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Our company is one of the leading company in water purifying field for the last 10 years and awarded for our excellent service time to time. 30,000 customers are using our product since last 10 years. Overs 90% of our customers are still using products maintained by us. Aqua Nectar Water purifiers is the fastest growing company in the water purifying field. We provide water facilities to our 70,000 Customers in Delhi & Its suburbs. RO in Dwarka Domestic RO Industrial RO Claire Automations Aqua Nectar 25LPH RO plant 50LPH RO plant 100LPH RO plant commercial water plants water purifiers water purifiers in Delhi RO on rent RO wholesaler manufacturer of RO plants Delhi RO systems Best Water plants 1000 LPH industrial water plant RO IN NOIDA

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claires 2tonne chilling unit with insulated tank
claires 2tonne chilling unit with insulated tank INR 59900 INR 59900 2 tonne chiller with 2000 litre insulated tank , chills water in 4 hours approx True 1471669243
AQUA  MISTY # Introductry offer
AQUA MISTY # Introductry offer INR 12999 INR 9000 General AQUA GRAND+ MISTY RO+UV+UF+TDS+Mineral Alkaline Cartridge water purifier from the latest collection of Aqua grand+ removes dirt, bacteria and any other harmful elements to give you safe drinking water. This Aqua Grand+ RO water purifier comes with membrane life enhancer, pre filter and one free spun filter. The machine is made by Taiwan made filters, high pressure booster pump and GPD pre loaded R.O membrane. It purifies water with PHILIPS UV mechanism,it has a maximum storage capacity of 8 to 10 litres, which is sufficient for your entire family. Being fully automatic, this water purifier will make a great water purifying solution for your home. Featuring reverse osmosis water purification methods, this water purifier effectively flushes away pollutants, so that your family stays away from any kind of harmful diseases. Key Feature * Free Plumbing Fitting * Water Tested Machines * High Quality Imported Parts Technical Specification Water Flow Rate-15 L/hr Filter Life - 15000 L Membrane Type - RO Membrane Other Body Features Storage Tank Material : Food Safe, Non Toxic, Engineering Grade ABS Power Power Consumption60 W Power Requirement100 - 300 V, 50 Hz Operating Voltage24 V Performance Features Auto Shut Off -: Yes Purification Capacity-:1500 PPm Additional Features Tds Removal : 1500 ppm In The Box In Sales Package1 Water Purifier, Pre-Filter Set, Plumbing Fitting True 1474081382
Nectar Absolute 14 stages Enhance+
Nectar Absolute 14 stages Enhance+ INR 9999 INR 7999 This product comes with 14 stages provides pure & safe drinking water to families. Product comes with one year warranty sales and services available all across India. Ro+uv+uf+alkaline+tds Latest water purifier. 10 day money back guarantee. RO machine comes with top end features and advanced technology. True 1477307637
claire Industrial RO 100 LPH
claire Industrial RO 100 LPH INR 25999 INR 25999 it's a 100 litre per hour industrial RO best suited for restaurant,schools,coaching centres etc. with daily output of 500 litres+ Rental facility available in Delhi-NCR True 1470889165
Industrial 50 LPH RO water plant
Industrial 50 LPH RO water plant INR 18500 INR 18500 it's a 50 litre per hour industrial RO plant with daily capacity of 225+ litre . best suited for restaurant,schools,small scale factories True 1470663933
Aqua Nectar Swift domestic RO # introduction offer
Aqua Nectar Swift domestic RO # introduction offer INR 8999 INR 7499 Aqua nectar marketing services brings you Aqua Swift RO with 1 year warranty and FREE pre-filter This is the RO with latest design and features it's a 14 stage RO with UV+UF+Mineral+TDS True 1471018833
Aqua Nectar sink model
Aqua Nectar sink model INR 9999 INR 9999 it's an under the sink model for the latest based modular kitchens , with seprate tank for water storage . The Under-Sink RO water purifiers are the new generation water purifiers in India and are the latest and most effective type of home water purifiers in India. Why Under Sink or under-the-counter RO Water purifier is better than the normal Wall Mounted or Counter-top RO Water Purifier is explained as follows: Indian Kitchens are becoming modern with latest kitchen cabinets with counter tops and built in Kitchen sink. Keeping with this modernisation of the Indian Kitchen, we must go in for the so called Under-the-Counter or Under-Sink Water Purifiers that are designed for use with the built in sinks in our modern kitchens. Under the Counter Under-Sink RO Water purifier is better than Wall Mounted or Counter-top RO Water Purifier for kitchens with built in cupboards and sink. Wall mounted water purifiers were designed specially for the traditional Indian kitchens where there were no kitchen cabinets nor built in sink. The under-the-counter/sink RO unit is specially designed for use with modern kitchens and is the most widely used type of water purifier in Europe, USA and other advanced countries. These are the advantages of Undersink RO purifiers: The under-the-counter RO stays hidden in the kitchen cabinet under the sink and saves counter spaceA convenient high curved tap, known as the faucet or the purified water tap, is fitted on the sink next to the main kitchen tap. This is very convenient to fill bottles, since the bottles can be kept on the kitchen sink and filled without you holding it. Also there is no problem if water spills over the bottle when full, since water falls directly into the sinkThe water comes out of the faucet with good pressure and flow since the purified water is stored in a large hydrostatic air pressurised bladder tank under the counter. The pressure in the hydrostatic tank of the undersink RO always good, since it gets filled with purified water automatically, with the full pressure of the electric pump of the undersink RO unit. When there is no electricity, you still get purified water with good pressure from hydrostatic water storage tank of the under-sink RO unit through the purified water tap or faucet. The pressure is always very good from the undersink RO purified water tap or faucet.In a wall mounted water purifier, the purified water flows by gravity from the storage tank of the wall mounted water purifier and the pressure and flow of water is slow and takes more time to fill than from the under-the-counter RO faucet. You need to hold the bottle while filling and also to be very careful that water does not spill since it will fall on the floor.Since there are no design limitations regarding size of an Undersink RO water purifier, full size 10 inch sediment and activated carbon pre-filters are used and a bigger air bladder presurised water storage tank included. This is not the case with wall mounted or counter top water purifiers, due to design limitation of having to fit all the water purifier parts and pure water storage tank inside a cabinet of limited size. So counter top/wall mounted water purifiers have to compromise by using smaller, non-standard filter cartridges and smaller pure water storage tanks. The non-standard replacement parts in a counter-top/wall mounted RO water purifiers tend to be more expensive than the more efficient and bigger standard size 10 inch pre-filter cartridges of an under-the-counter water purifier. So service charges for under-the-counter water purifiers tend to be cheaper. Water storage capacity: 12 liters of purified water Purified Water Flow Rate: 12 liter/hour Mounting: Under the Sink Water Purifier. Only pure water tap or faucet is near the main kitchen sink tap Colour: White True 1476729615
1000 LPH RO plant INR 150000 INR 150000 1000 LPH RO plant available at best prices True 1486373170
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